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Admissions and great careers are not just about scores. Weather it is college admission or a job role people look for a well groomed profile with the adequate skills, not just scores and the tag of a good school. We partner with you in planning and guiding you to build a profile that stands out of the competition.


Our Admission consulting focuses on matching your DNA with that of the country, university and the course. Every student is different and our experts work with you diligently to shortlist the best university and course that would fit your ambition/skills and passions.


If you have the ambition that encompasses the whole world, we bring the world to you. Our Mentors who come from across the globe work on a scientifically designed mentorship module to bring out the best in you and prepare you not just for college admissions but for professional life.

Why Choose Us?


One-On-one Mentorship

  • Your dreams are international and multicultural so are our mentors. Mentors from 6+ countries back your international ambitions, giving you the edge over others.
  • Mentors use Neuropsychological assessment to find your weaknesses & strengths, then work on individual weakness through practical projects to build a holistic profile.
  • 2+ years of research has led to a scientific pedagogy for mentoring & session deliverables for mentor and mentee.

Informed Choices

  • Entire process designed by the credo that awesome careers come from informed choices.
  • Assessment of past experiences, future aspirations and present situational awareness.
  • Collaborating with successful professionals before choosing a career.


  • Our industry experts collaborate with students using custom built tool kits to build world class CV’s, Bio’s, Interest Statements, preparing you for the professional world.
  • As true blood edu-preneurs our passion lies in successful careers and our partnership with students is beyond college admission.
  • We focus on skills that are not there in the books, each student works on a project to gain real world skills.

100% Success Guarantee

  • We’ve worked with 5000+ students & our robust consulting process has never let our alumni down.
  • Team of international mentors, industry experts, seasoned writers, senior counselors and trainers from the ed-tech industry are our forte.
  • Our alumni aspire for the best and we too strive for nothing less.

Fit The School

  • We’ve worked with 5000+ students & our robust consulting process has never let our alumni down.
  • Team of international mentors, industry experts, seasoned writers, senior counselors and trainers from the ed-tech industry are our forte.
  • Our alumni aspire for the best and we too strive for nothing less.



Shivani Arora

University of Mainz | MSC- Astro Physics

"I was a student of Mentord for higher education consulting. Their main focus is on identifying, building, and upgrading skill-set which, I believe, makes them different from other Consulting firms in Delhi. The Mentord process is well designed and the experts are readily available for doubt clearing. I thank them for their unconditional support that helped me move from one point of my career to another. I would highly recommend Mentord if you are planning to study abroad, especially, if you don’t know which direction to go."

Nikhil Devgan

ESCP | MS- Management

"I found everything I wanted and more at Mentord. The visionary sessions with my mentors assured me of being in a safe place. They pushed me to realize my dreams and handheld me to be enrolled in a top-notch global school with 100% scholarship."

Sidharth Jain

University of Texas Dallas | MS- Finance

"One of the best things about Mentord is the level of competence of the team as a whole. Be it mentorship, counseling, quality of their inventories, test-prep, resourcefulness, friendliness, the team is well equipped and experienced to help and guide you. A special mention of their well-researched tool-kits which have abundant resources to maintain repositories and keep track of your progress. I successfully made it to University of Texas at Dallas with 90% scholarship."

Aeshna Sachdeva

Rutgers NJ | MS- Computer Science

"I would like to express my gratitude to Mentord for helping me realize my dream. The excellent quality of the CV and goal clarity toolkit in addition to the deep inventories has really helped me discover my hidden strengths and weakness. I can't thank the entire team enough for mentoring me and helping me understand the importance of aligning my interests with my ambitions. Thank you so much Team Mentord!"

Your Mentors

Mary Li

Mary is a travel and food enthusiast and is true New Yorker. Mary, in the past had the opportunity to be a professional binge watcher and content consultant for netflix, something most of us would dream to do. But now helps the world be a better place as a Humanitarian Affairs officer for the United Nations headquarters in New York. In addition to this Mary has an indian connection because she is afan of Malayalam movies and hopes to travel to Kerala one day.

Moonju Kim

A passionate photographer and designing wiz, Moonju has presented her photography in art galleries in South Korea and France. Moonju has travelled extensively across India, knows "Thoda Thoda Hindi" and is in love with its culture and people. She also worked for UNESCO Bridge Africa Project for 7 years in Lesotho and Botswana and mentored school children and shared with them her global expereinces. Today, she continues to inspire more people to follow their passion with her photography, movies and stories.

Najibullah Rahmati

Najib is a fitness enthisiast and works out even in his sleep. He is known among his friends for his culinary quests too. Najib today works with the European Council on Refugees and Exile as a consultant and communications specialist & uses his professional skills of negotiation and conflict resolution in his present work. In the future Najib aims to be a Parisian restaurateur and wants to start a community kitchen for and driven by refugees presenting delicacies to european consumers.