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Our Success Stories

Sunakshi Chowhary

"My focus was highly specialised to study Tomour Biology. Not a single consultant I met was ready to put in the effort of finding the right course and preparing a highly specialised application. If your interests are specialised only Mentord will understand them."

- Sunakshi | MS in Tumor Biology | Georgetown University
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Nikhil Devgan

"I found everything I wanted and more at Mentord. The visionary sessions with my mentors assured me of being in a safe place. They pushed me to realize my dreams and handheld me to be enrolled in a top-notch global school with 100% scholarship."

- Nikhil | MS Management | 100% Scholarship
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Aeshna Sachdeva

"I thank Mentord for believing in me and my dreams. They deep dive into finding out your career interests and ambitions and aligning them with the perfect university. They don’t rush into finishing the job and that gets the best result in the form of admissions and scholarships."

- Aeshna | MS Computer Science | Rutgers University
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Ankit Jain

"One on One consulting by Mentord is the reason my Applications were higly personalised and effective in getting me 100% Scholarship at the prestigious Michigan State University. If it wasn’t for Mentord I would still be satisfied with a Tier 2 B-School in India."

- Ankit | MBA General Management | 100% Scholarship
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Shivani Arora

"The student journey with Mentord was well designed and the experts are available 24*7 for personalised support. As a boutique consulting they are highly specialised and have all in house expertise to guide students in their journey to study abroad."

- Shivani | MSC Astro Physics | 100% Scholarship
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Sidharth Jain

"The best thing about Mentord is the level of competence of the team as a whole. Be it the mentorship, counselling. A special mention goes to their well researched tool kits to build top notch CV’s, SOP’s and Essays. I successfully made it to UT Texas, Dallas with 90% Scholarship thanks to Mentord."

- Sidharth | MS Finance | 90% Scholarship
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Admission Consulting

Admission Consulting

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Career Mentoring

Career Mentoring

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Use cutting edge neuro-psychometric tools and one-on-one mentoring from Industry experts to discover your passions.

Profile Building

Profile Building

Skills get you jobs and scholarships

Build a profile everyone dreams of and map your skills to your dream career by the certified Virtual Internship program.

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Your Mentors

Mary Li

Mary is a travel and food enthusiast and is true New Yorker. She is a Humanitarian Affairs officer for the United Nations headquarters in New York. At Mentord Mary has helped mentor students interested in studying culinary arts and management related courses.

Moonju Kim

A passionate photographer and designing wiz, Moonju has presented her photography in art galleries in South Korea and France. At Mentord Moonju has mentored students interested to pursue liberal arts, Photography and various other artistic streams.


Najib is a fitness enthusiast and works works with the European Council on Refugees and Exile as a consultant and communications specialist. At Mentord, he has mentored students in Public policy and International Affairs related courses.