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15000+ Scholarships to help make your dreams come true

60% of Mentord students receive Financial aid from universities

How We Help

Neuro-Psychometric Analysis

Our in house psychologists and counselors use a cutting edge neuro-psychometric tool to identify your strengths, weaknesses preferred job roles & work environments. This analysis serves the basis to identify specific skills and activities we focus on.

Goal Clarity / Career Introspection

Our experienced mentors that come from different countries and job roles have a wide spectrum of skills and experiences. They share their real life experiences to add clarity to your goals and introspect on the choices you plan to make.

Job Role Analysis

If you haven’t stepped into the shoes of a data analyst, how do you plan to be one? This lack of exposure and that of informed choice is frustrating and we want to change that. Mentors from different job roles share their skills, career strategies and what it is to be in their shoes.


"Not just for admission application I was grilled and trained for my scholarship interview also which got me a high scholarship. They sit down and get their hands dirty not just give gyan."


Scholarships Consulting

15000+ Scholarships repository


  • Scholarship data base access
    • Access one of the largest scholarship databases in India
  • Scholarship consulting
    • Dedicated support in applying to scholarships
  • Scholarship Interview preparation
    • Expert preparation for the important interview
  • Scholarship Documentation
    • End to end support in documentation and draft preparation

Why Mentord

Open and honest Communication

Successful collaboration depends on trust. A roadmap to build a stellar profile is decided and at each step of execution, you will know where things start and where they stand.

A dedicated Guide

Each student is assigned a dedicated profile coach to coordinate with the academic and non-academic teams working on the student's profile

Partners from the get go

Great collaboration between our alumni and a specialised team has been the driver of our success. Their feedback is what drives our processes ensuring in the future also.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there one on one sessions for the application process how many?

Yes there are dedicated sessions, ideally 2 for preparation and discussion of a general draft. Then there are dedicates discussions for each application.

What percentage of Mentord students get scholarships?

Well, 80% of our students choose a dedicated package for scholarships and 60% out of them get scholarships each year on an average.

Do you have a repository from which I can choose?

Yes, Mentord has one of the largest databases of International Scholarships in India and students can choose by the guidance of expert counsellors.

Does the consulting involve preparing the drafts and submission also?

Yes an expert will counsel and help prepare the scholarship drafts after dedicated brainstorming sessions, however the final submission has to be from the students unique Id's.

Is there a limit to the no of scholarships in the package?

Yes the no of scholarships in the standard package is 4.

With the consulting package, is interview preparation also included?

Yes there will be a dedicated session to prepare you for the interview process.

What can we help you with?

Feel feel to write to us. We usually respond within 24 hours!