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From shortlisting to helping you fly to the perfect university

How We Help

DNA Matching

We don’t randomly suggest universities or courses or countries, your careers aren’t random for us. 15+ years of industry experience has given us enough data to precisely match DNA of your skills and aspirations with the course/country/university that would value it most.

University Ananlysis

Universities have a student short listing checklist and you should have one for universities too. After we’ve matched you to a set of universities, we then use a custom tool kit that rates universities on Faculty/ Alumni/Resources format and ranks them to best suit you.

Application Mentoring

Once we’re sure of course/country/universities our mentors start the extensively collaborative process of constructing application drafts. International mentors use their in-country experience and extensive research on faculty/ alumni/ resources to ensure your application stand out.


"Dilligent understanding of my career aspirations helped me get into Universities in Canada and Europe. Mentord has a highly personalised process right and would recommend it to anyone in doubt."


Admission Consulting

Wholesome Package


  • Candidate Interest Profiling
    • Clarity on the career you want to pursue
  • University Shortlisting
    • Matching Your DNA with a perfect selection of Universities
  • University Application
    • Essay, Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation guidance
  • Scholarship Application & Interview Preparation
    • Applying to both Internal and External Scholarships
  • Visa Consulting & Interview Preparation
    • Tailor made guidance to get you the Visa you need
Undergrad. Postgrad. MBA

Personalized CV

Career Assessment + Counselling


  • Sample CV
    • Limited preview of Academic, Traditional, Skill Based CV's
  • Existing CV review and goal introspection
    • Review of existing CV and briefing on specific needs to achieve goals
  • Extensive CV tool kit
    • Counselling on using Mentord's custom built tool kit developed by industry leaders
  • One-One-Mentoring
    • Personalised CV development in Academic, Traditional, Skills based format
  • Targeted CV development
    • Internship/Scholarship/Admission specific CV consultation with industry expert
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Essay / SOP Writing

One on One Essays/SOP's Guidance


  • Experience Profiling
    • Detailing of Past and Present experiences
  • Skill Profiling
    • Detailing exact skills acquired and ones to be highlighted
  • Future Progression
    • Aligning future aspirations with the needs of the university
  • Successful SOP's brainstorm
    • Understanding what worked for other students
  • SOP Questionnaire
    • Detailed questionnaire to bring out specific aspects that will wow the reader

Undergrad. Postgrad.
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VISA Application

You don't fly without a VISA


  • Visa Requirement briefing
    • Detailed discussion on requirements for Visa
  • Documentation checklist preparation
    • Tracker and checklist to track requirements
  • Visa Documents submission
    • Document preparation as per checklist
  • Visa interview Preparation
    • Detailed interview preparation
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Why Mentord

Open and honest Communication

Successful collaboration depends on trust. A roadmap to build a stellar profile is decided and at each step of execution, you will know where things start and where they stand.

A dedicated Guide

Each student is assigned a dedicated profile coach to coordinate with the academic and non-academic teams working on the student's profile

Partners from the get go

Great collaboration between our alumni and a specialised team has been the driver of our success. Their feedback is what drives our processes ensuring in the future also.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there dedicated sessions to discuss your profile/ambition/skills that need to come in the essay? How many?

Yes there will be dedicated sessions, generally 2-3 to discuss in detail these aspects that are pivotal to write a good Essay/SOP.

Will the Essay be written in one on one sessions (how many?) or they will just hand over a draft or ask you to write one?

Drafts or samples will be given only to support the student in understanding how an ideal essay should be. The in-house team tailors essays/SOP's individually for each student based on strategic discussions and admission needs.

Will your consultant share/ refer us to successful essays?

Yes they will, as samples. In addition the consultant can also share a detailed book demystifying t he art of writing a Ivy league Essay.

Will support be provided in all the documentation or that It would need to be done by the student?

Students will be supported in all documentation and admission uploads however the students will have to do the uploads, submissions and emails themselves under guidance of a consultant.

Will the LOR be custom made on our experiences or just give you a draft? Will there be one on one sessions?

The letter of recommendation letter much like the SOP/Essay is very student specific and needs to focus differently on each individual student. Therefore the LOR's are also tailored individually to bring out the recommenders comments.

Will the application process be with an experienced consultant? Or will they ask you to apply on our own?

The in house consultants have more than 20+ years of experience and the application process is supported by the In house team. The consultant will hand hold you in creating logins and final submissions and uploading of documents.

Do they have a tool or checklist or tracker to ensure no deadline is missed?

Yes, the specialist supporting will curate a specific tracker after the universities have been shortlisted and finalised.

Do they have a dedicated repository of scholarships from across the world? How many % get scholarship?

Yes, Mentord has one of the largest repository of scholarships with over 15000+ scholarships from across the world to support students.

What can we help you with?

Feel feel to write to us. We usually respond within 24 hours!