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Sunakshi Chaudhary | Case Study



Georgetown University | MSc Tumor Biology


Sonakshi always knew that that she was research oriented and wanted to contribute to the body of research in the field of medical research. However, she had been de-motivated by many a people owed to her GPA to aim for lower ranked universities and was confused about the specific field of medical research she should target.


The first thing to do before the profile building started was to boost her confidence. To do so we had connect with a industry person who guided on the various fields she could target and motivated her with the fact that she had it in her to pursue her dream.
With her confidence back, we set about the job of building her profile. We first made a thorough analysis of her aptitude and preferences with a neuro-psychometric analysis which revealed her work profile preferences. With the help of industry experts we started to add clarity of her goal to narrow down on the program that would fit her goals. Once we narrowed down on tumor research as the field that interested her most our mentors and her profile coach then shortlisted then universities that would value her skills and profile the most. Mentors matched the university curriculum and alumni career trajectory to her preferences and narrowed down on 6 universities to which Sonakshi applied to.


As a result of diligently matching the University’s DNA with that of Sonakshi’s we got her into the Georgetown University which most people had outright told her would be impossible. Today Sonakshi is a successful career person adding great value to the field of research being done on tumors.