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Nikhil Devgan | Case Study



ESCP | MS- Management | 100% Scholarship


An engineering graduate Nikhil had done the integrated BTech and MTech course from the Gautam Budha University. Like many other Engineering graduates he too was contemplating a career shift when he was referred to us by former Alumni. He was confused and did not want to waste his 5 years of study and wanted to switch to a course and a university that would value his past experience and offer him a good scholarship.


In Nikhil’s case he hadn’t just done a bachelor’s degree and justify a switch to a different masters course, he had done an integrated course already holding a masters degree. The important thing to do in his case was to understand his career preferences and add clarity to his goals which would then reflect on the admission essay. Another important thing was to ensure a brilliant score in GMAT or GRE. After repeated counseling and assessment sessions we understood he had good critical thinking and abilities and a good EQ which would fit good for an MBA. Also his 5 years of undergraduate course had to be presented in a way that would reflect the skills needed by a B-School. Academic mentors ensured a score of 750+ in GMAT while the non academic mentors diligently scrutinized and matched Nikhil to universities who had in the past given good scholarships to profiles like Nikhil.


Nikhil worked hard a his awesome GMAT score couple with the critical analysis of the mentors and the use of data ensure that we sent Nikhil’s application to the university which would appreciate his past education and present aptitude and goals. He got admitted to ESCP with 100% scholarship.